WatchDog® Data Polling Software

A Better Way to Print LabelsWATCHDOG® seamlessly takes information from virtually any data source to the label print engine.WatchDog® is an automatic data-polling software program. It is the preferred method of printing on-demand labels for most hospitals, law firms, banks and other servicing applications because it completely automates their label printing process.Most companies know that they could be more efficient and more accurate if only their label printing could use data that already resides in their system. WatchDog® printing eliminates the labor involved in manually entering data and virtually eliminates human errors that are made when data must be entered multiple times.WatchDog® provides two methods for managing data: Serial or ASCII.The ASCII method watches for a text file.The Serial method watches for data across a serial cable.In addition to looking for a data file, WatchDog® can perform the following functions:Work with multiple data sources, designs and printers;Exclude duplicate records;Clean data by removing extraneous characters or records;Transform data according to rules you specify;Route data from one or more sources to any number of printers. This means you can print labels for each department or location at their own printers!Users can also use WatchDog® to re-print individual labels or entire print runs.WatchDog® provides an easy, expandable method for managing your enterprise data and makes label printing an effortless task.

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